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If I had a bit of poetic genius in me, I would have very much preferred to write an ode to the NEW MILLENIUM (2000 A.D.), which arrived with a much turbulent force than that of the opening of the flood gates, more or less like a Tsunami, fast changing the present order, Every hand has a mobile today. There are offers every day take away anything you want to have, on installments, Jobs at B.P.O's, MNC's. Marketing I.T. sector and in hundreds of new fields. The list is pretty long to mention here. Much has changed and is changing the Indian scenario fast, rather very fast. A week back I was working on the genetics of this upsurge with magazine & news paper spread in front of me, full of advertisements with a range of new jobs with unbelievable salary packages & perks. I was wondering where will all this lead to when my eye picked up the news that most of the MNC's, firms various I.T. & business sectors are complaining that they are failing to get the appropriate people for the job. The type of people who know how to apply the knowledge they have. People who could deliver. People who have the WISDOM to apply what they know. WISDOM over knowledge that is what we have been working over all these years. The very essence of the Public School Institutions. Application of knowledge for better results, more projects more library work, more interaction between staff & students. All those activities that will train the young minds to meet new challengers. Very much on the right track, we have been able to set sail our students on various fields, from tourism to marketing, from medicine to technology from army to bureaucracy from land to air & to ocean. They are getting settled in various jobs & occupations. We very well know enough is never enough. There are still miles & miles to go. EXCELSIOR is our aim. After completing more than 29 years of work, we take another step with a pledge to do better with WISDOM in our minds.

Sudhir Joshi